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  • Jim Warfield

    As the third generation of the Warfield family to run The Frederick Motor Company, Jim understands the importance of maintaining the reputation that his company has earned over its 99 year history. When Jim says, "We got you covered" in our ads, he means it!

  • Rob Skora
    General Manager
    301-663-6111 ext. 325

    Rob Skora has worked with Frederick Motor Company for 12 years and has been in the Automotive Industry for 28 years. Rob oversees Frederick Motor Companies operations, his goal is to make us your first and last stop while purchasing your next vehicle.

  • Patrick Blackwood
    New Subaru Sales Manager
    301-631-1236 ext. 421

    Patrick Blackwood has 26 years in the Auto industry as a Manager and Sales Consultant. He will gladly assist with any questions you may have your next purchase. Patrick has been our Sales Manager since opening our new Subaru Showroom.

  • Kevin Cacciola
    New Subaru Finance Manager
    301-631-1236 Ext.422

    Kevin Cacciola brings 30 years experience to our Finance and sales management team, his business insights will help you finalize your purchase efficiently.

  • Janie Silbernagel
    New Subaru Internet Sales
    301-631-1236 ext. 434

    Janie Silbernagel has 9 years of experience in Automotive sales, she is our Internet sales manager and will get you a great price for any vehicle in our inventory.

  • Roberto Lopez
    New Subaru Sales Consultant
    301-631-1236 ext. 444

    Roberto Lopez has been with Frederick Subaru for 7 years and counting, he also brings another 22 years of sales experience to the table to help you find the right vehicle.

  • Grant Schley
    New Subaru Sales Consultant
    301-631-1236 ext. 430

    Grant Schley has been part of the Frederick Subaru team for 7 years. His expertise in our vehicles technology and equipment will make you at ease with your purchase.

  • Bernardo Manaloto
    New Subaru Sales Consultant
    301-631-1236 Ext. 432

    Bernardo has been in sales for 30 years, 5 of which have been in the Auto industry. He will make your purchasing process clear and comfortable with his experience.

  • Tyler Biser
    New Subaru Sales Consultant
    301-631-1236 Ext. 436

    Tyler has been with Frederick Subaru for 1 year and is enthusiastic to help customers learn what our current, exciting vehicle line-up offers you.

  • Keith Barrow
    Pre-Owned Sales Manager
    (301)663-6111 ext. 351

    Keith Barrow has been over 13 years experience in the Automotive industry and has been with Frederick Motor Company going on 6 years. 

  • Danilo "Lilo" Valdez
    Pre-Owned Inventory Manager
    301-631-6111 Ext.357

    Lilo brings 8 years experience to our Pre-Owned vehicle team. He is responsible for managing our Inventory of constantly incoming vehicles.

  • Scott Rosenfeld
    Pre-Owned Internet Consultant
    301-663-6111 ext. 354

    Scott Rosenfeld is responsible for our Pre-Owned Internet sales department. Let his 6 years experience at Frederick Motor Company guide you to your next vehicle from the comfort of your home.

  • Ray Oberholzer
    Pre-Owned Sale Consultant
    301-663-6111 ext. 356

    Ray Oberholzer has brought his customer's education on our Pre-owned inventory for 5 years at Frederick Motor Company. 

  • Dave Burda
    Pre-Owned Sale Consultant
    301-663-6111 Ext.350

    Dave Burda has been working with Frederick Motor Company for 4 years and has a wide variety of knowledge on our Pre-owned inventory.

  • Dennis Hall
    Pre-Owned Sales Consultant
    301-663-6111 Ext. 352

    Dennis Hall has been in sales for 28 years, we are delighted he has spent the past 3 with Frederick Motor Company. His expertise will help you make the right choice.

  • Ashley King
    Subaru Service Manager
    301-631-1236 ext. 440

    Ashley King has been working in our service department for over 18 years.

  • Steve Burton
    Subaru Warranty Administrator
    301-663-6111 Ext. 442

    Steve Burton has been in the Automotive Industry for 52 years, he is responsible for submitting warranty claims for our Subaru Service department.

  • Nicole Heffner
    Service Advisor

    Nicole Heffner has been working at Frederick Subaru Service department for 2 years.

  • James Patterson
    Subaru Service Advisor
    301-631-1236 Ext.445

    James Patterson has been with Frederick Subaru for a year. He will help you maintain your Subaru for years to come. 

  • Teresa Harbaugh
    Service Advisor

    Teresa Harbaugh joined Frederick Subaru in the Summer of 2018. She is looking forward to helping you address any questions regarding your vehicles maintenance and service needs. 

  • Cindy Mazzie
    Switch Board Operator
    301-631-1236 Ext. 420

    Cindy is in charge of Hospitality and Customer Service in our Subaru facility, she brings 20 years experience to our showroom and service center.

  • Candy Hansberger
    Switch Board Operator
    301-631-1236 Ext. 420

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